Pi Beta Phi

At Auburn University

Letter from Our Vice President of Membership

Dear Potential New Members, 

I am so excited to welcome you to Auburn University! My name is Brooke Carroll and I am thrilled to serve as the Vice President of Membership and be in charge of recruitment this year. I wasn to start off by congratualting you on your acceptance to Auburn. I always knew that one day I was going to call Auburn home, but it had more personal meaning once I was officially here. At Auburn, we truly embrace what it means to be family which is so important in your transition from your home to your new college home. These next four years, give or take, will be the best years of your life and I am so excited for you to understand what makes Auburn so special to so many people. 

When I came to Auburn two years ago, I knew I wanted to make my experiences my own. I wanted to experience something new and fresh. I wanted to make lifelong friends. I wanted to be pushed out of my comfort zone because, even though it can be uncomfortable, that's where personal growth happens. I soon found all of those things from the girls at Pi Beta Phi. They were and still are genuine, kind, goofy, smart, loving, accepting, and everything in between. Seeing the way these girls carried themselves with confidence, the poise they had, and their passion towards the chapter, it was then that I knew exactly how I wanted my college story to begin; with Pi Beta Phi. 

I was so excited to run home to Pi Beta Phi on bid day. The chapter room, which at the time was filled with my new pledge class, active members, alumni, and family members, soon became the place where I was able to build new friendships with girls from all over the country, study, eat, and have a home away from home. These girls are the passengers on my late night drives, the ones that pull all-nighters with me during test weeks, the ones to accompany me at the gym but will also go get dessert with me afterwards, and the ones that push me to my fullest potential. I have grown so much as a person during my time here and that would not have been possible without my sister's support during the hard days, their encouragement when I needed it, and their genuine friendships that have been consistent. The women in Pi Beta Phi continue to amaze me within the Auburn community. We are scholars, leaders, athletes, and interns; we are future journalists, senators, business women, and health professionals. Pi Beta Phi sisters hold each other to the highest standard and strive to excel in all things. 

I encourage everyone to give Greek Life a try. Whether you're coming from a town where all your friends go to Auburn, or a town where you're the only one heading this way, it's a great opportunity for friendships, networking, and personal growth. The Panhellenic community here is so strong and I feel very honored to be a part of it. All 18 Panhellenic sororities on campus work with one another and encourage each other in all that we do. While members in these sororities may wear different letters, we are not defined by those. We are all powerful, capable, and educated women that are united through our connection in the Panhellenic community and in Auburn. Like I said earlier, these are going to be some of the best years of your life and the sisters at Pi Beta Phi would love to share those with you! 

Pi Phi Love and Mine, 

Brooke Carroll - VP Membership

Letters of Recommendation

We will be accepting letters of recommendation up until the day before recruitment, August 10, 2018! Please send your letters of recommendation to the address listed below. For any further inquires about recruitment, recommendations, etc. please contact algammacp@gmail.com

Pi Beta Phi 
201 Wire Road, Village Box #11
Auburn, AL 36849